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Third Round Fan-Wich Voting NOW OPEN

Posted on August 25th, 2014 Comments Off

The final submission round for the 2014 Harry G’s Fan-wich Competition has completed and we’ve chosen the last batch of qualifying round finalists. However, since there were so many great submissions, we have once again chosen FOUR finalists for you to choose from.

Cast your vote for the sandwich you would like to see added to the Harry G’s menu using any of the three voting methods outlined below. Remember, voters will be chosen randomly to WIN FREE HALF SANDWICHES! So make sure you vote early and often to maximize your chances of winning (there is no limit on the number of votes you can cast!)!  For full voting rules and contest details, please click here to visit our Fan-wich main page.

Three Ways To Vote:

  • Vote using the Poll below.  You may vote anonymously, but you must associate your vote with your Facebook or Twitter account to be eligible to win FREE FOOD as one of our randomly selected voter winners
  • Vote on our Facebook page. Click here to visit our Facebook page; you may post the name of the sandwich you would like to see win on our wall or on any of the designated Fan-wich posts.
  • Vote on Twitter. Cast your vote on Twitter by tweeting the name of the sandwich you would like to vote for with the hashtag: #HarryGsFanwich

The Third Round Finalists

  • The Lipinator: (Submitted by Scott Lipitz): Ovengold turkey, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, hot sauce, bacon, and avocado on a sub roll Preparation Instructions: Everything is grilled except for lettuce and tomato and cheese must be gooey. Hot sauce is added at the very end to provide a the perfect kick!
  • Nathaniel’s Last Dance: (Submitted by Adam Lehmann): Breaded chicken, capicola, pepper jack cheese, ranch dressing, hot banana peppers, bacon and sriracha on a sub roll. Preparation Instructions: Deep fry breaded chicken, cappi warmed on a flat top. Assemble the chicken, cappi & bacon on the flat top in that order, bottom to top. Cover with cheese then cover with lid to melt cheese. Toast inside of sub roll, once toasted add the ranch/sriracha to the top of the roll, add the banana peppers to the bottom. Add the meat combo, now covered with melted cheese, to the middle. Cover, slice in half and consume.
  • The Fancy Pants: (Submitted by Nick Piccolo): Steak, lettuce, red onion, roasted red peppers, bleu cheese, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed “garlicky” spinach and a little beef au jus on a sub roll. Preparation Instructions: First, Apply butter or olive oil to bisected sub roll, allow to crisp up on flat top while chopped steak is being cooked. Next, saute the spinach with a little garlic (or garlic oil) along with the mushrooms being used. Then, cook steak on flat top and chop up to get same consistency as the Pittsburgh. To assemble: take crisped sub roll from flat top. Place Roasted Red Peppers along the bottom, followed by sliced red onion and shredded lettuce (if garlicky spinach is available use this instead of the lettuce). Follow this up with the chopped steak. Then apply some freshly crumbled bleu cheese (or if not that, a generous portion of bleu cheese dressing). If using crumbly bleu, finally add a small portion of warmed beef au jus (if not, skip it). Seal it up with the other half of the crisped sub roll and roll it up for service. Creator’s Note: The sub should have a slight crispness to the bread, backed up by the bold flavors of the steak and bleu cheese with warm au jus to tie the whole thing together. The idea is to have the experience of an excellent steak dinner in each bite of sandwich.
  • South Ave Rodeo: (Submitted by Kelly Lipitz): Chicken fingers, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, bacon, and onion rings on a jalapeño cheddar wrap. Preparation Instructions: Combine all ingredients into a Jalapeno Cheddar Wrap and serve for a simply stated but delicious wrap!


Vote Now!

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Note: Voting Closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, September 7th, 2014.

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